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Ozone generator RZ600T
RRP 129,00 EUR
Only 89,00 EUR
Kit of Spare Parts red for Tornador Classic Z-010S / RS and Z-014 S / RS
34,00 EUR
Tornador Z-014RS BASIC
The Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS is designed for quick and easy cleaning of the most hard to reach areas (eg. ventilation slots, seat rails, door storage compartments, dashboards) or to thorough dry cleaning of electronic components. With a very high volume flow and the strongest impact the Tornador® Basic Z-014RS provides a brilliant cleaning solution. Even most persistent dirt can be removed fast and very easy with unique Tornador® effect.

Ideal for restructuring of velour surfaces, for cleaning of dog and cat hair or also for deep cleaning of spare or exchange parts. Also great for the DIY area in car and truck wash parks.

65,90 EUR
Tornador Classic Z-010RS
Have you ever seen a “tornado” in action?
In the great outdoors tornados are whirlwinds which sweep away everything that gets in their way with tremendous power. The “TORNADOR-GUN” Z-010RS works according to the same principle. Pure air is sprayed at an extremely high power with suitable cleaning fluids. The actual “tornado-effect” is generated by the sophisticated technology in the discharge funnel which achieves the as yet unknown effect. You cannot have your vehicle’s interior cleaned more quickly or conveniently!
94,00 EUR
The new Tornador BLACK Z-020RS - 3rd generation
124,90 EUR
Tornador Black Z-020RS with cone-brush
129,90 EUR
Interior Cleaner Concentrate
Easily removes dirt, grease, wax and nicotine stains. Car upholstery and carpeting are gently cleaned fiber-deep through the use of interior cleaner. The enormous force of the foam ensures a borderless cleaning of almost all textiles that are used in motor vehicles. Plastic, plastic parts, interior panels and headliner are pores clean. Highly suitable for use in Tornador Gun in the ratio 1:20 with water. Application with hand sprayer: Cushions, car seats and carpeted undiluted or diluted up to 1:5 with water spray. Aspirate after 5-10 minutes. Dry the cleaned items thoroughly. Spray Plastics, headliners, vinyl or painted surfaces with Interior Cleaner Concentrate alone or up to 1:20 diluted with water , allow to react, and wipe with a damp sponge or leather.
49,90 EUR
4,99 EUR per liter
Glossy Shampoo
The perfect phosphate-free and highly concentrated detergent for hand washing and for use in automatic car washing machines and shampooing machines. The detergent is gentle on skin and paint. Easily removes oil, grease, dust, salt residue and other dirt from the vehicle surfaces
33,90 EUR
3,39 EUR per liter
Car Shampoo
The powerful car cleaner for hand washing. Due to its highly concentrated shampoo composition it's able to remove even stubborn dirt. The product is also suitable for use in automatic car wash, shampoo and high pressure devices.
27,90 EUR
2,79 EUR per liter
Glass Cleaner
Glass, window and mirror cleaner for car, household and industry. Easily removes dirt, grease, wax, silicone oil and nicotine. Excellent for use on tiles, plastic, bathtubs, doors and painted surfaces. Glass Cleaner leaves a brilliant shine
55,50 EUR
5,55 EUR per liter