Acid wheel cleaner
Best cleaner for alloy and steel rims. Also suitable for cleaning tarnished chrome bumpers. The cleaner does not contain hydrofluoric acid and meets the requirements of the Austrian standard 5105thß Sensitive alloy wheels should first be moistened with water. Remove any splashes on paint surfaces immediately Application:
Dilution, depending on the Pollution of 1:1 to 1:10 with water. Apply with spray bottle or brush, just soak and rinse thoroughly with water Do not allow to dry!ß Prior to use anodized, polished, chrome and painted wheels carry out aptitude test!
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Car Shampoo
The powerful car cleaner for hand washing. Due to its highly concentrated shampoo composition it's able to remove even stubborn dirt. The product is also suitable for use in automatic car wash, shampoo and high pressure devices.
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Wheel Cleaner alkaline
The alkaline intensive cleaner for aluminum and steel wheels. Easily removes stubborn dirt. Caution: protect skin and eyes from splashes. Avoid splashes on paint surfaces. Check for suitability.
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Stain remover
Solvent combination without surfactants and emulsifiers. Contains no toxic substances. Removes grease, oil and wax stains, lipstick, tar, undercoating, cavity protection of different surfaces, coverings, floor coverings made ??of cloth and plastic, painted surfaces and glass. Very suitable for removing label residue, glue and remains of transport preservation.
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4,83 EUR per liter
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Glossy Shampoo
The perfect phosphate-free and highly concentrated detergent for hand washing and for use in automatic car washing machines and shampooing machines. The detergent is gentle on skin and paint. Easily removes oil, grease, dust, salt residue and other dirt from the vehicle surfaces
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Insect Remover
Liquid concentrate for easy removal of insects. Applicable to paint, chrome, glass, plastic, and license plates. When used in automatic car wash insect remover is applied directly before washing
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Interior Cleaner Concentrate
Easily removes dirt, grease, wax and nicotine stains. Car upholstery and carpeting are gently cleaned fiber-deep through the use of interior cleaner. The enormous force of the foam ensures a borderless cleaning of almost all textiles that are used in motor vehicles. Plastic, plastic parts, interior panels and headliner are pores clean. Highly suitable for use in Tornador Gun in the ratio 1:20 with water. Application with hand sprayer: Cushions, car seats and carpeted undiluted or diluted up to 1:5 with water spray. Aspirate after 5-10 minutes. Dry the cleaned items thoroughly. Spray Plastics, headliners, vinyl or painted surfaces with Interior Cleaner Concentrate alone or up to 1:20 diluted with water , allow to react, and wipe with a damp sponge or leather.
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Glass Cleaner
Glass, window and mirror cleaner for car, household and industry. Easily removes dirt, grease, wax, silicone oil and nicotine. Excellent for use on tiles, plastic, bathtubs, doors and painted surfaces. Glass Cleaner leaves a brilliant shine
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