Rotador extraction

ROTADOR extraction systems, such as the sister brand TORNADOR from Bendel, offer innovative technology for cleaning tightly seated dirt according to the Tornador principle, with simultaneous extraction.
Rotador extraction
Rotador Z-017 Vakuum Cleaner
With the Z-017 cleaning adaptor, workshops and car detailing companies are now able to connect the tried-and-tested Rotador® technology to conventional cleaning devices such as industrial vacuum cleaners. The Z-017 cleaning adaptor combines the advantages of a compressed air vacuum cleaner and the Rotador®-Gun. By simply switching over, the Z-017 cleaning adaptor does the work of both devices. Blow the dust out of the material with the Rotador® technology and vacuum it up at the same time. For normal vacuum cleaner operation, the rotation of the inner air hose can be switched off. There is no longer any need to change vacuum cleaner bags, because these are only changed directly on the existing device.
80,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax
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