Ozone treatment in cars

Ozone treatment in the car

Vacuum the car, remove the rubber mats and clean the ashtray (basic cleaning). After a wet cleaning inside the vehicle must be dried again only! To save time, it is advisable to carry out the ozone treatment after dry basic cleaning and before wet cleaning.

Moisture forms for ozone, a barrier that it can not work through. Odorants that are below it does not reach.

Moisture has another disadvantage, because it leads to nitrification in the device! Salpeter formed as the reaction of oxygen, nitrogen and water (in the form of water vapor). Also a very humid day can lead to increased nitrification. Avoid making on such days ozone treatment because of Salpetergeruch can be removed only by a thorough wet cleaning of the cushions. Often the Salpetergeruch is confused with ozone smell.

Play it safe and measure the humidity before use in the vehicle. The humidity should be below 50% RH!

Place the device at a high point in the vehicle and close the doors and windows. A simple tool here is a board what you put on the front seat backs and the rear seat backrests.

If heavily contaminated, we recommend to handle the vehicle in the interval method. The vehicle should be ventilated after one to two hours for a few minutes, to provide the interior with fresh oxygen, which can then be converted back to active oxygen.

After treatment, you should tap the cushion and backrest with your hand or a carpet beater to dissolve ozone residues from the fabric. If compressed air is available, it is advisable to blow out the interior. This is the most effective way.

The units should always be kept dirt and dust, otherwise the power will be reduced. They should be cleaned as needed by a qualified electrician.

The ceramic plates and ozone tubes are wearing and use by the use from. The higher the humidity, in use of the device, the more the ceramic plates and ozone tubes wear out.
Ceramic plates can and should be cleaned regularly with a clean, damp cloth without detergent. Then wipe the surface dry - ready!