Odor treatment with ozone


Odor elimination in a yacht

Ozone generators for odor elimination and room disinfection

An ozone generator is also called ozonator or air neutralizer and is ideal for the odor removal and disinfection in restaurants, refrigerated warehouses, stores, waste and sanitation facilities, as well as for odor remediation of vehicles, hotel rooms, apartments, holiday homes, etc.

Even after fire damage, water damage, at home Entrümpelungen and by corpses found ozone equipment is used to remove odors completely.

Another field for ozone equipment is the ozonation of liquids. Ozone can be used for disinfection and purification of water in aquariums and ponds, in storage tanks (eg ballast tanks in boats and ships or template pool of recirculating systems for car washes) are used.

The presented devices need to operate only a network connection and work without additional supplies.

Which device is right for me?

The most important parameter is the ozone output of the unit in mg / h. Let not unsettled by the power of the built-in fan they. What is the ventilation capacity of the device, is completely uninteresting in odor treatment and disinfection. The more ozone is produced per hour, the faster it will return to success. Normal odor removal requires less power than anti-mold, smoke odors are easier to treat than pet odors. Insufficient power is always an issue, too much power, there is not in the renovation.

Ozone equipment should generally not be used in populated areas. People and animals can thus suffer severe mucosal irritations.
Please use for restructuring purposes your Ozonator reached exclusively, while there are no persons or animals in the room.

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