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The original Tornador® cleaning pistols were first introduced in 2004 by the company Bendel Werkzeuge from Bad Bevensen, Germany, and have become increasingly popular ever since.
Tornador-Gun has become synonymous with a new class of equipment that has radically changed the way an entire industry works.

The quality of the tools, the constant availability of all spare and wear parts, as well as the excellent service, make the Tornador® cleaning tools the number one among professional car conditioners, not only in Germany.

In summer 2016 the first series of the Tornador guns was replaced by the new S-series. You can recognize the new devices by the "S" at the end of the article designation. The new devices are characterised by a better handle, which now consists of fewer parts and the handle is identical for Z-010S and Z-020S. So if you want to try the other version, just replace three parts and you have the other model. 

From CLASSIC to Black these are the inner tube, the rotation set and the black cone. The inner tube and cone must be replaced because they are longer on the Z-020S than on the Z-010S. On the other hand, it is the outer rotary hose with the blue weights, the red cone and the inner tube. You can also take the Z-020S inner tube, which only needs to be cut off flush with the tip of the rotating tube.
Tornador Z-014S BASIC

Durch die einzigartige Technik der Luftverwirbelung (Druckluftfräse) können selbst hartnäckige Verschmutzungen schnell und zuverlässig beseitigt werden. Ideal für die Gebrauchtwagen Aufbereitung, zum Entfernen von Hundehaaren oder zur Neustrukturierung von Velourflächen.

Reinigungspistole auf Basis der Tornador®-Technik zum schnellen und effizienten Reinigen von allen schwer zugänglichen Stellen: z.B. Lüftungsschlitze, Sitzschienen, Türablagefächer, Armaturenbretter etc.

Dort, wo der Becher der Z-010 störend im Weg ist, spielt die Z-014 ihre Stärken aus.

54,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax
Tornador Black Z-020S with cone-brush
✓ double the power
✓  low wear and maintenance
✓  lower air consumption
✓  suitable for 240V compressors
✓  lower noise emissions

The professional cleaning pistol for cars, trucks, buses, taxis and commercial vehicles. With this powerful pulse cleaning technology, you can either wet or dry-clean surfaces efficiently with a neutral cleaning agent and save energy at the same time.

Our technicians have been able to increase the power of the world famous Tornador®-Gun Z-010 even further. The result:
the Tornador® BLACK. Equipped with sealed ball bearings inside the rotation set, the Tornador® BLACK is also able to work with small or mobile compressors (see box on the left), because the full potential power is available at pressures as low as 4.5 bar. Wear has also been minimised, because the rotation set no longer comes into contact with the nozzle (outlet cone).
  With the development of the Tornador® BLACK it is now possible to produce enormous power, even with a very small compressor. All that is required is a
compressor with a discharge rate of at least 270 l per minute. This can be achieved using compressors with a reservoir of as little as 50 l capacity, so that it is ideally suited for mobile use.

Because of this it is now possible to visit your customers on site without a great deal of inconvenience.
The newly developed rotational technology of the Tornador® BLACK saves both time, money and stress for users, because our technicians have succeeded in reducing noise levels in spite of increasing the power. Of course, for professional users, this also means that you can attend to more customers in la shorter time.
124,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax
Rotador Z-017 Vakuum Cleaner
With the Z-017 cleaning adaptor, workshops and car detailing companies are now able to connect the tried-and-tested Rotador® technology to conventional cleaning devices such as industrial vacuum cleaners. The Z-017 cleaning adaptor combines the advantages of a compressed air vacuum cleaner and the Rotador®-Gun. By simply switching over, the Z-017 cleaning adaptor does the work of both devices. Blow the dust out of the material with the Rotador® technology and vacuum it up at the same time. For normal vacuum cleaner operation, the rotation of the inner air hose can be switched off. There is no longer any need to change vacuum cleaner bags, because these are only changed directly on the existing device.
80,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax
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