Ozone generators

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Ozone generators for odor removal and mold control

An ozone generator is also known as an ozonizer or air freshener and is particularly suitable for removing odors and sterilization in restaurants, refrigerated stores, shops, waste and sanitary facilities, as well as for the smell rehabilitation of vehicles, hotel rooms, apartments, holiday homes etc.

Even after fire damage, water damage, in the case of housing cancellations and after corpse finds, ozone generators are used to completely remove odors.

Another field for ozone generators is the ozonisation of liquids. Ozone can be used for the disinfection and purification of water in aquariums, pools and ponds, in reservoirs (for example, ballast tanks in boats and ships, or pre-pools of cycle systems for washing facilities).

Our devices require only one power connection and operate without additional operating materials.

Which device is right for me?

The most important characteristic is the ozone output of the device in mg / h. Do not let the performance of the built-in fans unsettle you. How high the ventilation performance of the device is, is in the case of the odor treatment and the disinfection completely uninteresting. The more ozone is produced per hour, the faster the success is achieved. Normal odor removal requires less performance than mold control, smoking smells are easier to treat than animal odors. Too little performance is always a problem, too much power does not exist in the rehabilitation.

Ozone appliances should not be used in inhabited areas. Humans and animals can suffer severe mucous stimuli.
Please use your ozone device only for restoration purposes, while no persons or animals are inside the treated room.
Ceramic plate for ozone generator 3.500mg/h
83,30 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Ozone generator RZ600T
RRP 129,00 EUR
Only 89,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs